Server SAN
FlexSDS Server Enterprise

FlexSDS Server is a reliable, high performance and distributed block level storage solution which is true scale out (1-1024) and lowest TCO in the world. The distribute storage solution is designed as Server-SAN which provides full functional in iSCSI transport and fully support for a verity of virtualization planform like VMware, Hyper-v Citrix XenServer and KVM (HCI).

FlexSDS Server is software only and easy-to-install product which in be easily installed in any x86 bare machines, and that provides full-featured web based management system only need a few minutes to build one node.

FlexSDS is designed as Hyper-Converged Infrastructure solution, it can be deployed as HCI mode and ServerSAN mode.
For HCI mode, FlexSDS can be installed together with virtualization solution like KVM/Qemu based, one server node can offer storage and compute service at the same time.
For ServerSAN mode, FlexSDS will work as distributed IP SAN storage and offer data service to other servers via iSCSI.

FlexSDS Server is software-only solution and come with customized and optimized Linux OS , therefor administrator can easy to install and deploy it into any x86 based bare machine.